Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Beautiful Day 2!

What a gorgeous day we had handed to us today!  The sun was shining.  The temperature were perfect.  Life was good!  Today was picture day--all the boys will receive their den picture on Friday during our closing campfire.  Please enjoy these pictures from today!


 Fishing with the orange den

 Working on the soccer belt loop during sports

 Shooting at homemade targets in Archery

 Going over gun safety in BB

 Drawing superhero masks during handicraft
 Elephant toothpaste during science

For those of you who read your camp letters that came home yesterday, you may have noticed that I failed put the correct theme for this week.  Our theme is superheroes!  Tomorrow, being costume day, kids and staff are allowed to wear any kind of superhero costume.  (The letter that went home said that it was American heroes week) There will be a prize for the best camper costume, as voted by our staff.  Please remember no weapons, real or fake, are allowed in camp.  As a heads up, we will have our closing campfire on Friday starting at 2:30.  We will have everyone park up in our parking lot.  Stay tuned for more information!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 1, Week 5

It's hard to believe we're at the end of July already!  It seems like just yesterday we were starting day camp.  Today was definitely the bumpiest Monday, and I apologize for the delays with the busses and with the drop off/pick up process.  My fingers are crossed that the rest of the week goes more smoothly.  That being said, Mother Nature played her part today and kept the day dry and relatively sunny for our first day.  THANK YOU!!  Please make sure you check your son's backpack before camp tomorrow.  Some boys were missing parts of their med forms, most specifically the parent/guardian authorization form (this allows them to do shooting sports).  We have given the boys missing these forms a copy to bring home and have filled out.  We also send home a welcome to camp letter with some important information.  Even though we had many speedbumps today, I managed to snap a couple pictures.  Please enjoy!
 Fishing at outdoor skills
 Talking about safety at our waterfront
 swim checks
 Looking for bugs

Drawing heroes at handicraft 
Remember that tomorrow is den picture day.  Boys should wear their blue camp t-shirts for their picture.  Every boy received 1 shirt today.  If you feel that you ordered more, please send in a note with your scout tomorrow.  Extra shirts are available for $10 at our trading post, but sizes are limited.  See you all tomorrow!

Friday, July 25, 2014


For those of you utilizing the bus option next week, please take note that we have added a second bus in order to cut the boys time on the bus down.  Please see below for the new times and pickup locations.  Remember to be early for both morning and afternoon, especially Monday, as the bus may arrive early. 

July 28 - August 1, 2014
Week 5
Bus 1
7:38 AM Price Chopper 731 Boston Turnpike Rd. Shrewsbury, MA.
7:51 AM Stop and Shop 100 Worcester St. North Grafton, MA
8:03 AM VFW 15 Milford ST. Upton MA
8:17 AM Ocean State Job Lot 1161 Providence Rd. Whitinsville, MA
8:50 AM Treasure Valley 394 Pleasantdale Rd. Rutland, MA

Bus 1
4:00 PM Treasure Valley 394 Pleasantdale Rd. Rutland, MA
4:34 PM Ocean State Job Lot 1161 Providence Rd. Whitinsville, MA
4:48 PM VFW 15 Milford ST. Upton MA
5:00 PM Stop and Shop 100 Worcester St. North Grafton, MA
5:10 PM Price Chopper 731 Boston Turnpike Rd. Shrewsbury, MA.

Bus 2
7:55 AM Oxford Bandstand Maple Rd/ Main St Oxford, MA
8:15 AM Millbury Sr/Jr High School 12 Martin Street. Millbury, MA
8:30 AM Elm Park Russell and Highland St. Worcester,MA.
8:50 AM Treasure Valley 394 Pleasantdale Rd. Rutland, MA

Bus 2
4:00 PM Treasure Valley 394 Pleasantdale Rd. Rutland, MA
4:20 PM Elm Park Russell and Highland St. Worcester,MA.
4:35 PM Millbury Sr/Jr High School 12 Martin Street. Millbury, MA
4:55 PM Oxford Bandstand Maple Rd/ Main St Oxford, MA

Another week over...

I'd like to thank everyone again for a great week at CSDC! I hope all the boys had a great time!  Thank you all for attending our closing campfire and for giving me some great feedback on your surveys.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summers--I hope to see you all next summer!  Enjoy these pictures from today's campfire. 

Get ready week 5...it's almost your turn!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 4, Week 4

Another beautiful day at the Valley brought lots of smiles and fun to our campers!  Every boy (hopefully!) brought home a survey to be filled out:  one side by him, one side by a parent.   Any boy who brings a completed survey back tomorrow will receive a small prize.  We value your feedback, so please be honest!  A few reminders about tomorrow...our closing flag ceremony will be held at 2:15.  Please do not arrive any earlier than that since boys are in program until that time.  This will be immediately followed by our closing campfire at 2:30.  This will last roughly 45 minutes.  The trading post will be open following our closing for anyone who'd like to purchase snacks or scouting memorabilia.  THERE WILL NOT BE BUS SERVICE IN THE AFTERNOON, so someone must be present by 3:30 to pick up your son!!  We will have our food pantry collection box out for anyone who still wishes to donate to our efforts of collecting non-perishable foods for local food pantries. 
The boys finished their photography belt loops today and here are some of their photos.  Please enjoy!

 I spy a salamander....can you find it?
 The ever popular "selfie"

 A really cool perspective shot--if you don't mind spiders!
 Probably the best picture of the valley yet!

 Not taken by a camper, but this was our loopy lunch today--the marbles belt loop!

 thanks to den guide Joe for leading our morning song!
I did want to address a question that was posted on one of my posts.  Someone asked if den pictures had to be purchased.  The answer--they have already been paid for as they are included in your camp tuition.  (And I apologize that you never received your letter home on Monday)
ALSO, we have a camper looking for a lost t-shirt.  It's dark blue and has "Mary D Stone" school written on the front.  There should be a rocket ship with lots of animals on it.  If your son has accidentally taken it home, please send it back in tomorrow so we can get it to the rightful owner. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hump Daaaaaaay!!!!!

We had a fantastic day at the valley today.  The weather was hot, but the constant breeze kept things tolerable.  With it being American Hero week, we shouldn't have been surprised when a military aircraft swept across our tree line this afternoon and gave us all a good scare!  It was pretty cool for the boys to see (once their hearts beat normally again!)  Once again, most of today's pictures come directly from the kids working on their photography belt loop.  The boys are doing a great job treating my camera with the utmost respect and it makes me smile to see camp thru their eyes.  Please enjoy!

 Make sure you check out our stars when you come in on Friday.  They are the boys's heroes.

 Today's handicraft project--fireworks!

As you can tell, our staff members became good models for our photographers! 
Today was costume day and our camper winner was Ryan who dressed up at Captain Sully Sullenberger who saved many lives by landing his plane on the Hudson River, saving everyone on board.  Good job Ryan! (he's the young man in the white shirt and tie, second from the right)  Thank you to all our costumed campers on having some fun today!  You all looked fantastic!