Friday, October 3, 2014

CSDC 2015

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I post this very last post on the day camp blog. Why, you ask? Mohegan Council has decided that there was a need for a change in camp directors for Webelos Camp going forward.  Ryan and I will no longer be involved in either of the cub scout camping programs at Treasure Valley.  It absolutely kills us that our time at camp is done. Never in a million years did we picture ending our camp tenure this way. We owe a huge thank you to all our amazing staff members, campers, camp coordinators, and other supporters of our program.  I hope every boy that has come through CSDC in the past 2 years has had an amazing experience and has gone or will go on to do amazing things.  Always remember the fun we had...capture the flag, shooting balloons at the bb range, using the swimming area at waterfront, and singing silly songs with Connor in the morning.  I had a wonderful 2 years as director and was looking forward to next year as well.  
As a courtesy to all those packs out there, this blog will remain up until the first of 2015 at which time I will take it down.  My day camp email will also be deactivated at that time.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Here are all the advancements

While our focus at day camp is not on advancement, we do get some advancing done here at camp. Below, you will see what the dens earned during each week. Scouts will not be given an actual copy of the list, so be sure to print out the list below if you need a written copy. Advancements will be posted the weekend after camp ends and will stay posted for roughly 9 months. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email Amy at

All scouts all 6 weeks will complete the following for the outdoor activity award:
--attend a cub scout day camp
--participate in an outdoor sporting event
--participate in an outdoor aquatics event
--participate in an outdoor activity
--explain the buddy system
--participate in an outdoor campfire activity

Week 1--All scouts earned their BB and Archery belt loops and activity pins; swimming belt loop, and science belt loop. The white den also earned their geology belt loop and activity pin as well as the volleyball belt loop. Red den earned the volleyball belt loop. Blue den earned the baseball belt loop.
Week 2--All scouts earned their BB and Archery belt loops and pins; all scouts earned their science and geology belt loops; all scouts earned the volleyball and kickball belt loops. The following boys earned the map and compass belt loop. A * next to their name indicates that they also earned the pin. Their name is followed by their pack #. Sam (147), Kaine & Kaiden* (147), Colin (141), Nick C (161), Jack P (147), Lyke* (165), Max (9), John (37), Zachary* (84), Derek* (147), Ethan* (9), Colin* (147), Oliver (84), Billy (146), Jake A (147), Trevor (147), Harrison (144), Shawn (9), James H* (165), James (141), Caleb (134), Jacob (165), Asa* (9)
Week 3--All Scouts earned their BB and Archery belt loops and pins; all scouts earned their science, geology, and astronomy belt loops. All scouts earned their volleyball and kickball belt loops. The following boys--the white den-- earned their hiking belt loop: Connor B (150), Matthew C (150), RJ (46), Adam E (150), Peter G (46), Caleb P (150), Logan S (46), Tre S (150), Owen W (46), Garry W (150). The following list of boys has earned the Good Manners Belt loop: from pack 46--Evan M, Bear M, Devin G, Daniel K, Matthew, Hayden P, Harry P, Andrew, Billy C, Kyle B, John B. From pack 150--Caleb P, Nathan P, Trevor P, Garry W. From pack 159--Stephen L, Chris K, Damion S, Ethan, Daelan, Jon L, Brayden K, Jay E, Jakob. From pack 125--Ben, Connor, Jason M, Matthew E, Alec T. From other packs--Denzel R (70) Robert (106). All webelos and our green den (4th and 5th graders) completed the following: fire building (for outdoorsman badge), identified 6 plants and 6 trees (for Forester badge), the hiking belt loop, tied a square knot (AOL requirement) as well as 2 half hitches, for the map and compass belt loop completed # 1 and #2, Readyman requirements #2, #6, #7

Week 4--All scouts earned the following: BB Belt loop and pin, Archery belt loop and pin, swimming belt loop, hiking belt loop, volleyball belt loop, kickball belt loop, science belt loop, geology belt loop and astronomy belt loop.
The following boys earned their photography belt loop: Pack 128--Liam H/W, Joe S, Patrick T, Jacob W, Jacob S, Kyle N. Pack 114--Harrison M, William J, Charlie G, Felix G, Charlie M. Pack 165--Braden B, Nathan R, Lucas P, Angus M. Pack 121--Matteo, Rex V, Anthony S. Pack 37--Vincent D. Pack 146--Drew R
The following boys earned their marbles belt loop: Pack 128--Jacob W, Patrick T, Ryan M, Joe S, Kyle N, Liam H/W, Jacob S. Pack 114--Felix G, Jack K, James T, Leks P, Landon M, . Pack 161--Matthew G, Max C, Ryan O, Jacob D, Nicholas G, Ayden D, Tyler B, Liam R. Pack 165--Nathan R. Pack 121--Matteo, Matthew C. Pack 146--Drew R

Week 5--All boys earned the following--BB and Archery belt loops and pins, soccer belt loop, ultimate belt loop, science belt loop, astronomy belt loop, geology belt loop, hiking belt loop and swimming belt loop. The following boys earned their Good manners belt loop--Pack 37-Aidan, Riley, Sean, Paul, James, Ian; pack 138-Vincent, Alex, Anthony, Kasey, Cole; Pack 147-CJ; Pack 108-Malcolm, Nathan A; Pack 150-Alex O, Nicholas; Pack 62-Jackson B

Week 6--All boys (with the exception of Spencer W) earned the BB belt loop and pin, all boys earned the archery belt loop and pin, the science belt loop, astronomy belt loop, geology belt loop, hiking belt loop, swimming belt loop, soccer belt loop.  The following boys earned their Good Manners belt loop:  Pack 148--Zachary, Daniel B, Ethan A, Timmy, Myles, Logan; Pack 146--Evan R; Pack 158--Eddy N, Dylan, Daniel D, Joey N; Pack 37--Jack H; Pack 239--Phillip F; Pack 175--Drew, Michael.  The following boys earned their music belt loop:  Pack 105--Matthew; Pack 106--Bryan R; Pack 108--Kyler, Paul N, ; Pack 37--Jack; Pack 132--Bryson F, Ty S, Jackson T, Adam F, Daniel F; Pack 146--Evan R; Pack 140--Ari G, Victor G, Sean; Pack 148--Myles, Zach, Logan; Pack 175--Michael, Drew, Colin B, Alex, Broc, Zachary, Liam, Erik; Pack 306--Spencer W

If you have any questions regarding the advancement done at camp, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me at  I will mention that some boys earned extra loops during our "loopy lunches".  This was an optional program we ran after lunch for those boys that wanted to participate. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014


I want to profusely apologize, but it seems as if the advancement page has disappeared!!  I don't know where it went or why it went, as it is still showing up on my list of published pages.  I am currently being program director at Webelos Resident Camp, but I promise that when I get home next week, I will post all the advancements as a regular post for everyone to see, and again I sincerely apologize. 
On that note, I have to thank everyone for a WONDERFUL CSDC 2014 season.  I cannot thank my staff enough for all their hard work and dedication for the past 6 weeks.  We have truly become a family and it's going to be hard to be apart from them until we start camp again next year.  I also want to thank all those camp coordinators out there for their endless work collecing registration fees, med forms, and t-shirt orders.  You guys and gals have all been very patient as we worked to improve our process.  While not perfect yet, we're hopefully going in the right direction.  (Don't forget that it's never too early to schedule your summer camp 2015 presentation!) 
So stay tuned for advancements as well as pictures from our week 6 campfire!  THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!  ( By the way, we were able to collect 6 very full boxes of food to donate to the local food pantries!  Nicely done scouts!)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

It's winding down...

It's sad to think that the 2014 camping season is winding down.  We only have one day left!  Proving their scouting spirit, our staff participated in the ALS ice bucket challenge and had buckets of ice water dumped on them.  After watching the staff, many of the kids wanted to do it to, so don't be surprised if they ask! Check out the video of the splashdown!
With the iffy weather this afternoon, I didn't get that many pictures, but here are a few from waterfront that I took this morning. 

Preparing Skits for tomorrow's campfire... 

 If boys dove down and collected a certain number of rocks from the bottom of the lake, they got to push their den guide in the water.  This is Dara from the red den...

 ...and Joe from the yellow den!  Great staff spirit!!

 The rock collecting in progress
 Collecting bugs at outdoor skills

working on the astronomy belt loop during science 
 With tomorrow being our last day, remember that our closing camfire begins at 2:30.  We will not have bus service available in the afternoon.  Our fire will last about 1 hour, so please plan on having someone at camp for 3:30 to pick up your camper(s).  DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 2:15 since the boys will be in program. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Costume Day!!

Our theme for week 6 is Hometown Heroes and our costumes today showed a wide variety of theme related characters.  We had everything from police officers to doctors and fire fighters to soldiers.  The boys looked great!

 Our contestants...
 Staff huddle to decide our winner!

Our winners were brothers Phillip and Logan!  Great job boys!
Here are a few other pictures from our day.  Please enjoy!

Just as a reminder about our Friday closing...We will have our closing campfire starting at 2:30pm.  This should last roughly 1 hour.  After our fire, our trading post will be open for anyone who'd like to purchase snacks or camp souvenirs.  For parking, please follow the road up the hill after our drop off/pick up road.  (you'll see a sign pointing the way).  You will need to walk down our trail to get into camp.  Please note that our trails are rustic and strollers, high heels, flipflops, and those with physical disabilities may have a difficult time navigating them.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Our last Tuesday...

As promised, I took tons of pictures today!  The boys had a day filled with sunshine, capture the flag, shooting sports, and of course waterfront.  We even had our young fishermen catch 2 fish today!!  Tomorrow is a special day in camp--COSTUME DAY!!  Our theme this week is hometown heroes so if the boys want to, they may ditch the blue shirts for a costume within that theme.  (Think fire fighter, police officer, EMT, etc)  There will be a small prize for our staff's choice for best costume.  Keep in mind that it's usually the most creative ones that win.  Please enjoy today's photos!


 Science Time!!
 Fishing--childhood at it's best

 Waterfront--the place to be today!
 Group cannonball

 Buddy  check

 Capture the flag

 Going over gun safety at BBs

 Making targets at Archery

Don't forget our summer long service project of collecting non perishable food items for local food banks.  We have our collection box outside the office door.  Please help us help others. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

My Deepest Apologies...

I want to pass along my deepest apologies to everyone who relied on the bus schedule that was posted the other night.  The afternoon drop off times are an hour off.  I have since changed the times and they are now correct.  I sincerely apologize for all the issues this has caused. 
On that note, it was a beautiful summer day at TVSR today!  We were off to a bumpy start first thing, but we got it worked out and the kids seemed to have a great time.  I only managed to shoot a few photos, but tomorrow I will make pics a priority.  Tomorrow is picture day in camp so please have your scout wear his camp t-shirt.  If you think you ordered extra shirts, please send in a note tomorrow so we can get him the extras.  If you haven't ordered more and would like your son to have one, they are available at the trading post for $10.  Some boys were sent home with paperwork this afternoon.  It is very important that you fill out this parent authorization form in order for your son to participate in BB and Archery shooting.  Without this form, they will not be allowed to participate.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at